Privacy Policy


Data Protection Policy

In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Ramsgate Croquet Club is committed to ensuring that your data is: –
• Used fairly and lawfully:
• Used only for legitimate reasons:
• Kept accurately and up to date.

a) Any data held in a data base will only be used to communicate with club members on matters concerning club business, club events and events relating to the game of croquet.

b) We will not disclose any personal or sensitive information to third parties without your express permission.

c) Ramsgate Croquet Club members are issued with a contact list and telephone numbers of all members and this list is also to be found in the Club diary. Members are reminded that these lists should be kept in a secure place and must not be passed on to anyone who is a non-member.

d)  E-mail and postal addresses will not be published. The Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer will retain these details solely for Club records and distributing Club information. Emails will be the preferred means of sending out general information.

e)  From time to time photographs are taken of club events. These may be used as publicity material to generate interest in croquet through articles in the local papers or croquet related magazines. Players and guests should make it known if they do not wish to appear in photographs.

Automatic standard membership of the Croquet Association.

RCC “playing” members are encouraged to become standard members of the Croquet Association.

If you have chosen to opt in, your contact details will be passed to the CA, who keep all information according to GDPR requirements.