Membership Rates

Our membership rates for 2023 are:

Ordinary Membership                                            £190.00

Country Membership                                              £150.00

Second Club Membership                                    £150.00

Off-Peak Membership                                             £100.00

Associate Membership                                           £100.00

Young Adult Membership (18-25)                       £60.00

Junior Membership (up to 18)                                £30.00

Associated Young Person Membership              £5.00         (Under 18, with family or friend as Ordinary Member)

Social Membership                                                     £35.00

Reduced membership rates are available in the first year to new members who join after the end of June.

The annual subscription is due on the 1st April each year.

A clubhouse key (or replacement) is available at a deposit of £10.00