Ramsgate Croquet Club

Welcome to Ramsgate Croquet Club.  For those who have never played croquet or watched it being played, check out this light-hearted take on the reaction the sport has received lately.

Ramsgate Croquet Club is situated on Ramsgate’s Westcliff, just down the road from the Boating Pool, in pleasant surroundings overlooking the sea. The Club was founded in 1983 (at a different venue), and now has four very good lawns and a pavilion which has been greatly improved by the efforts of the Club members.

Croquet is a great sport, and our club provides an environment to enjoy it both socially and competitively. For new members, we offer all the equipment, coaching, and playing facilities you’ll need to get going. All you need is a pair of flat shoes! For more experienced players we offer the chance to play competitively, both at home, representing the club against others or in open competitions at clubs around the country.

Free coaching is available to all members, covering absolutely everything from “how do I hold the mallet” all the way up to sessions with our Croquet Association certified Grade 3 GC Coach, which is international standard! Croquet gives you the flexibility to play as and when it suits you, to the standard you choose – keep it casual and just play club friendlies or reach for greatness, and aspire to represent your country at the World Championships!

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You can be short
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Interested in playing?

Before deciding whether to join the club, prospective members are welcome to try the game. See our taking part section for details, and contact us if you want more information.