The Open Golf Croquet Championship
to be held in the middle of June 2018


Ramsgate Croquet Club's 1st International Golf Croquet Championship in 2000 proved so successful in that we were able to continue to attract World Champions with our winning formula of good organization, excellent lawns, good food and a friendly welcome for players and spectators alike each year right through to the present day.

As a venture to introduce a wider public to the delights of Croquet at the time of the millennium we decided to stage an International Golf Croquet Tournament, not only would it attract champions from all over the world - we hoped - but would be more easily followed by spectators as the rules are less complicated than for Association Croquet. We were lucky enough to get sponsors and coverage by Meridian Television and - most importantly - World Champions!

The Club continues to hold their Golf Croquet Championship and still attracts players from all over the United Kingdom as well as some playing visitors from around the world. In June 2016 sixteen players enjoyed splended weather and first class croquet with the tournament being won by John-Paul Moberly.


J-P Moberly winner of the 2017 event
J-P Moberly winner of the 2017 event

Ramsgate Croquet Club will be holding their Golf Croquet Championship the weekend of the 16th and 17th June 2018.The Club will this year also be holding a Ladies Golf Croquet Tournament the weekend 26th/27th May.

Details of entrance fees, timetable and arrangement of matches for 2018 are available in the CA fixtures calendar or may be obtained early in 2018 by telephoning the Match Secretary.

Admission for spectators is FREE and all members of the public are welcome, especially croquet players both young and old

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